“You Can Either Serve the Classes and Live with the Masses, or Serve the Masses and Live with the Classes…” The Choice is Yours.

The Powers That Began have created a gorgeous, virtually self-sustaining world within a vast universe for us to live in, breathe in, populate and formulate. We are free to use all available resources at our disposal to form this world as we see fit. We can either sit idly by, bickering and complaining as the clock strikes forward, while others form our world around us, or we can participate in the worldwide effort to make our very existence worthwhile by implementing both our active and dormant talent towards the greater good of mankind! We can begin doing so by using what we have already started using from the very beginning of our lives: OUR IMAGINATION. But why should we bother? – BECAUSE THE MORE USEFUL WE ARE TO OUR WORLD, THE MORE FULFILLING OUR LIVES WILL BE.